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Canada phone number (867) 660-5253
The purest water, the cleanest air in the world—according to World Health Organization—and the unspoiled Boreal forest are the pillars of the Yukon cuisine.

History enriched this natural good fortune during the Gold Rush when prospectors were requested to bring one ton of food supply with them to withstand for a few months the harsh climate in this rugged country. European cuisine got intertwined with the hunter-gatherer style that was the way of life for the Yukon First Nations.

The Yukon culinary heritage is the gift we put on every plate. To infuse Northern flavours into our dishes, we are using as much local ingredients as possible. From the Boreal berry bounty to the noble Sockeye salmon, we want you to taste the Yukon Special requests or food intolerances? Let us know and we will arrange a personalized menu for you.


Available 8am to 10am
With a jumpstart coffee and vivifying juice, enjoy our cooked breakfast featuring a daily varying menu of breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, omelettes, quiche, fruit, yoghurt and toast. 


7pm sitting
Join us nightly at the lodge family table for a 3-course chef's choice dining menu. Menu varies daily. Reservation requested before 3pm everyday. Unfortunately, we are not a public restaurant and meal service is for guests only. 

Special occasions call for special culinary experiences. We will work with you in designing something out of the ordinary.
Inn on the Lake in Yukon, Canada Dining
Inn on the Lake in Yukon, Canada Dining
Inn on the Lake in Yukon, Canada Dining